Pre-bid blocking and post-bid reporting for your entire ad inventory. Effective in mobile, desktop, display, in-app, and video environments. These tools will help you to determine the effectiveness of either one or another particular campaign and the quality of the engaged visitors’ audience.

Multilevel traffic evaluation system
Various tools for comprehensive traffic analysis of web resources
Tools for comprehensive analysis of ad campaign efficiency
Bi-level tracking system
Sites analysis on Spoofing
Proxy detection
Time determination of banner display in visible section
Determination of banner visibility, overlay, banner markup farms
Sites analysis on Cookie stuffing
Sites analysis on Brand damage
Sites analysis on Cloaking
Advertisements display control system (AdManager)
Decision-making system in url redirection
Traffic analysis in the context of referrers (Sources)
Traffic analysis in the context of advertising platforms (Places)
Click catch on invisible banners
Determination of the conversion settings of your campaign
Video player and multimedia support determination
AdBlock detection
API Black List
Black List Export
Huge amount of technical, behavioral and geographic parameters
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