– the advertisement manager operating section. Advertisers typically use AdManager in order to run their ads through the White Diagnostic system. This is an extremely effective pre-bid tool in helping advertisers reduce the cost of their budgets by preventing the access of low quality traffic to your ad campaigns.


AdManager is the most widely used tool among advertisers and ad networks that work with direct advertisers. This tool is a JavaScript tag where the ad campaign’s tag is added to and is sent to publishers or publishing networks. The code is triggered immediately upon any visit to an advertising platform or a website. Each request to the AdManager is recorded and analyzed by the WhiteDiagnostic system. All the data on visitors’ analytics and the quality of advertising platforms (and ad campaign as a whole) is available in the user panel within a few minutes after the visit. The advantage of this tool is that you can manage the display aspect of your advertising campaign depending on the traffic quality you need.


To start using this tool you need to create a new campaign in the AdManager Section. To create a new campaign, you must go to this section, select the Add button on the left and create a new advertising campaign, which will be instantly available in the Active tab.

All the campaigns in the Active tab operate until they are deleted by the user ( ). Deleted campaigns can be found in the Disabled tab, where you can see their statistics up to the point of deletion and/or to restore them ( ) and return into Active.

To launch the campaign, you need to take your JavaScript Tag code and add it to the AdManager section of your advertising campaign, and after that unload JavaScript Tag AdManager code to publishers.

In case you need to analyze not only the quality and analytics of visitors (and advertising platforms) but also their conversion in the context of any existing WhiteDiagnostic system’s analytics, then you need to place the JavaScript tag Conversion Pixel on the page where the conversion is taking place.

Working with external traffic conversion systems, you have the option to upload us the data about the fact of the conversion using aPostBack URL.

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