The White Diagnostic system is set to provide performance clarity to the owners of websites, online stores, direct advertisers, advertising networks and media agencies. You can also provide your users with analytics and an anti fraud system as part of your own platform.

Direct Advertisers

Providing you with complete control over the quality of traffic purchased from your publishers.

Media Buying

Our tools help identify and eliminate ad fraud and low-quality traffic from depleting your ad budget.


Provides you with exportable reports showing you and your partners in great detail why the traffic was compromised.

Advertising Networks

Sell your advertisers real human, targeted traffic sources that convert. Block bots and low quality sources.

Affiliate Companies

Become a leader in your space. Integrate our platform into your panel and white label our service as your own as part of your platform.

Advertising Servers

By using our filters in advertising servers you can increase the effectiveness of your advertising campaigns.

Lead Generation Companies

Prevent leads from fraudulent transactions.

Traffic & Ad Exchanges

We process and report large volumes of traffic for every visitor in real time and determine the quality of every source and sub source.

E-Commerce Companies

Analyze not only the quality and analytics of visitors but also from what traffic sources the conversions are coming and on which sites the conversions are taking place.

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